Analysis & Support Systems For Correctional Health Management

Performance Analysis & Support Systems For Correctional Health Management

NCCHC Resources’ PASS – Performance Analysis and Support System – is here to help you successfully navigate health care minefields.

With PASS, NCCHC Resources’ consultants provide comprehensive clinical and fiscal support and oversight to correctional health management, coordinating and monitoring performance while ensuring compliance with contract terms and nationally accepted NCCHC health care standards.

Contracting with a health services provider, especially a new provider, can be challenging. To help you, our consultants act as liaisons between the health care provider (large or small) and correctional leaders, so you get objective and timely insights into your jail or prison health care operations. As an unbiased third-party adviser, we help you keep an eye on what is likely the most expensive – and most risky – area of operations.

More than just contract monitoring, we provide ongoing expertise, continuity, and consistency for as long as needed to correctional health management. And unlike court-appointed monitors, our consultants work as team members with a collective national scope and a focus on clearly defined standards, such as those developed by NCCHC, providing you with professional judgment from the most experienced people in correctional health care.

Sometimes, leaders feel that changing health care providers may be the best solution when there are actually underlying systemic problems that need to be addressed. Our uniquely qualified consultants can identify such problems and strategically work with you to remove those barriers to success.

Even if everything seems to be going well, a fresh perspective from expert eyes can identify new opportunities for efficiency and service improvements in your jail or prison. We can serve as an early warning system and uncover disconnects, unknown problems, and areas of increasing risk, thereby improving quality and reducing the likelihood of a bad outcome.

We work collaboratively with you, your provider, and local or state government as necessary, to help you meet your legal responsibilities and public health mission. Creating a support system for correctional health in your facilities.

Our teams know that the best way to succeed is through teamwork, trust, and transparency. As your trusted partners, we never take a “gotcha” approach, nor do we operate like white-gloved inspectors. We report to you, not an outside authority.

“NCCHC Resources has been incredibly helpful in creating a collaborative environment. They work objectively with our best interests in mind, and the vendor sees the value of their expertise.”
—Sheriff Earnell Lucas, Milwaukee County (WI)

Through PASS, NCCHC consultants provide a systematic, ground- up evaluation of how health services are provided and develop a comprehensive, ongoing quality control relationship.