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In-Custody Death Investigations

In-Custody Death Investigations

An in-custody death is the most critical incident that can occur within a correctional facility. Whether the result of a suicide, medical episode, or natural causes, in-custody deaths are highly scrutinized by the public. In many instances, government agencies with oversight of correctional facilities may demand immediate answers to the facts and circumstances of the event.  In some instances, preliminary investigations into these incidents may not be clear in identifying causal factors. 

NCCHC Resources can conduct an objective third-party investigation into the facts and circumstances of an in-custody death.  Our comprehensive review by national subject matter experts will identify root causes, policy failures, systemic errors, and individual errors that may have contributed to a death, or could validate and support current practices, if appropriate. We offer services for individual case reviews and reviews of multiple cases spanning years, based on our client’s needs.

At the conclusion of our review, we provide a comprehensive report with detailed recommendations. Reports are provided to the requesting agency with NCCHC Resources’  full support in discussing its findings with governmental oversight organizations or in the agency’s decision to release the report to the public.  

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“It’s difficult for our corrections staff to get ‘into the weeds’ on medical conversations. NCCHC Resources has a wealth of folks who truly understand correctional medicine. They are always on point. They catch the things our providers miss.”
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