Jail & Prison Health System Assessment & Performance Improvement

Health System Assessments and Performance Improvement

Health System Assessment and Performance Improvement

Whether you have critical issues or you simply want to ensure that a high standard of care is provided to patients, NCCHC Resources will conduct a full assessment of medical and/or mental health services to improve health care efficiency and effectiveness. Our consultants will schedule on-site visits and remote meetings, as necessary, to provide a comprehensive review and always work collaboratively with you to ensure your objectives are fully met. Using the NCCHC Standards as a benchmark, we provide recommendations and insights into policies, practices, and the overall delivery of health care that help guide leadership decisions and improve care.

Preparation for Accreditation

Our consultants have years of experience applying the NCCHC Standards and are well equipped to advise clients who are seeking NCCHC accreditation. Our team will visit the facility and meet with key personnel, review health records, documentation, and processes, and conduct interviews to understand the operations. Following the site visit, NCCHC Resources delivers an in-depth report detailing each relevant standard that need to be addressed, providing recommendations based on the Standards and best practices and informed by their experience and knowledge.

Disclaimer: Technical assistance by NCCHC Resources, Inc., is a professional activity that is separate from accreditation by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care and in no way guarantees accreditation, reaccreditation, or any other outcome of a survey. 

“I’m good at what I do, but it was a monstrous task and short time frame. One of the ways I lessened the burden was to find a partner to stand up the policies, procedures, and forms. It’s not like duplicating the hospital policies — the guidelines are a lot different, and I didn’t want to recreate the wheel.”
NCCHC Resources Client

Performance and Analytics Support

To maintain positive changes achieved through a health systems assessment, we recommend ongoing consultation through NCCHC Resources’ PASS.

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