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Alsan Bellard

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Alsan Bellard


Dr. Bellard’s professional experience blends an ideal combination of direct patient care and medical management in a variety of settings. These experiences offer him a unique perspective on the challenges of providing cost-effective, quality health care in both rural and urban areas. Currently he provides both administrative leadership and direct patient care in a community-based health center located in a high-risk area of Washington, DC.

His recent role as Medical Director at the District of Columbia Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services has given him valuable experience working with both public and private sector entities to reach common sense solutions to a vast array of issues. Dr. Bellard takes a great deal of satisfaction in working with a multidisciplinary team to develop positive outcomes for the population he serves. His areas of expertise include: pediatrics, medical management, outpatient settings, preventive medicine, clinical medicine, government, contracting, electronic health records, finance, and budgeting.